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Yes, an Obama Third Term is VERY Possible A Permanent Term, In Fact (And the Entire Congress is Being Blackmailed)

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at 2016.04.13
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Judy McLeod has an interesting column up at Canada Free Press titled How Obama will get a third term. I highly recommend you read it and consider the words.

In the column McLeod rightfully speculates an Obama third term is around the corner, but not in a way you might think. Is it possible world war breaks out over the next year, causing complete chaos in the American economy and political system? Yep. And would this potentially prevent an actual national election from taking place? It very well could.

But is such a thing actually necessary for Obamas agenda to be carried into a third term? Not at all.

Obama allegedly went to law school. He allegedly studied constitutional law. Hes surrounded by high power attorneys who know the legal system like no one else. Has Obama used his legal background to protect our rights? Of course not. He uses it to dismantle our constitutional framework and build a network of regulation so vast it will be virtually impossible to pull apart.

Additionally, Obama has proven to those who come into power in the future that Congress no longer matters. The White House, using armies of legal minds, has designed a process through which it can go around Congress and the political environment effectively prohibits Congress from doing anything about it.

That said, lets not kid ourselves. Even if Congress could do something about it (They actually can via impeachment) they wouldnt. Yes, even the few good representatives are useless in this cause. Need evidence? Look at the liberty caucus or conservatives in Congress. Are they calling for impeachment? Are they calling for arrests? Are they talking about how the U.S. created ISIS? Are they talking about how treasonous Obama is?

Negative. Because theyre all afraid. Not afraid of voters. No, theyre afraid of the media (state run), radical special interest groups and the people who control all the money.

Lets call it what it is. The worlds biggest case of blackmail is happening right before our eyes. Right in front of us, right now.

There are boundaries set by the powers that be and if any member of Congress steps outside of them its game over. You know it, I know it and Congress knows it.

The fix is in.

Obamas radical, treasonous anti-American agenda is rolling full steam ahead. It constantly gets approved and funded by both Republicans and Democrats. The same Republicans who promised voters they would stop it last time around. The same Republicans who took an oath to protect our rights are the same Republicans who are enabling the violations of them to occur.

You think that will all end in 2017? You believe the lie they spew about not being able to get bills signed by Obama? These looters and cowards do nothing to stop Obama. They wont even talk about the real crimes happening in Washington. They wont call a spade a spade. They wont do a damn thing.

Again, theyre all being blackmailed. Theyre all puppets. Every single one of them.

Martial law or world war is not necessary. It may be a part of the plan, but that would be a full implosion of the entire world. I think they would prefer a controlled demolition. One that deconstructs liberty anywhere it exists, but in a controlled environment.

The detonators have been set. The explosives are in place. Obamas agenda will get a third term. Heck, it may be permanently.


As McLeod says… all America needs to do is elect a Democrat or someone like Jeb Bush. A President Clinton, Biden, Warren or Bush is going to pick up right where Obama left off. And as always, Congress will go along with the game because they have no other choice.

You had better start paying attention and now. You had better start organizing, rallying and building networks for 2016. Because if one of those big government looters wins, its game over for liberty.

Youve been warned.

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