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WATCH: ISIL, Hitler And Columbus Day Three Things To NEVER Celebrate (VIDEO)

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at 2016.01.15
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As kids we learned about the co-operation between Christopher Columbus the intrepid explorer who discovered America and the Indians who welcomed his boats with open arms and made paper pilgrim hats. We learn he was a Christian and gave glory to God for his achievements, and we hear about his courageous voyage to the New World for gold. No one mentioned that Christopher Columbus was so bloodthirsty that modern day terrorists and fascists could never touch his degree of debauched and depraved homicide, rape and genocide. No one told us that decimated whole inhabitants of native individuals.

A lot people have learned that Indigenous Peoples Day is creeping in to replace Columbus Day in several important cities. Amid the right wing cries of politically correct B.S. and others stubbornness to hold onto the vacation because it’s an important part of the history of the United States, it may really be hard to see why people dont need to celebrate this intrepid explorer. It’s fairly well known that slaves were sold by him, but that’s only history

Incorrect. Here is a video which will describe in no uncertain terms for every one of you who may be on the fence about Columbus Day. ISIL, Hitler, the Spanish Inquisition none of them had the dash for faith-centric homicide, rape and genocide as Columbus did.

Here is The Young Turks with some really distressing truths:

Attribute picture via Jewish Journal, changed

‘s aim would be to distribute the doctrine of free liberal idea and happiness in a land shadowed by Conservative privilege and spiritual oppression.

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