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This Little Girls Parents Broke Her Spine But This Letter She Wrote Will Break Your Heart (IMAGES)

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at 2016.04.20
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Marie Surprenant was only eight months old when she visited an Atlanta hospital with injuries no child should ever face. Weighing only 13 lbs., the child was taken to the emergency room with 14 fractures on her body. Her spine broken, and Marie was doomed to a lifetime in which she would never be able to run, jump, or play normally with her friends. The doctors determined that she, with such horrific injuries, would never walk again.

Maries father lied, and said that she fell out of bed but social workers and law enforcement investigated and learned the truth: The injuries were caused by the two people upon whom the little girl depended most.

Realizing that she is in a better place, and wanting to thank the people who dedicated time and effort to rescuing her, the child wrote a touching letter thanking everyone whose concern helped lead to her being placed in a good home one in which she is loved.


via Fortafy

I want to thank you for making me happy by giving me a warm and safe environment, the child, now nine-years-old, wrote in a letter when she was still eight. Now I have a home that is nice and I have three nice meals a day.

She continued:

This is Marie Rose Surprenant. When I was a baby I got hurt and you were on my case. When I was little, I got hurt and I wasnt going to walk at all. I couldnt walk because my spinal cord was broken and couldnt be fixed.

Marie explains that her father attempted to lie the blame away, but that social workers including Michelle Purprenant and police uncovered the truth. Ultimately, Purprenant adopted Marie.

I think that if you never helped me, my life would still be awful and lonely, the little girl continues, before writing words no child should ever have reason to write: Because they might not help me, not feed me or they would hit me when I cried.


via Fortafy

But now Im much better. I now have a safe happy environment. Im also around smart people, the little girl added. Now my life is so much better. The only thing that drives me crazy is out pet dog…

I wish that you keep doing what you do to make the world a better place and make kids feel protected, the little girl implored her saviors. I also wish that no matter how big or small the case is you will at least try and help the kids.

According to, a report of child abuse is made every ten seconds. More than three million reports are made each year more than 28 percent of reports involving physical abuse (and 20 percent sexual).

No child should ever have to endure the torture through which Marie suffered. You may read her letter, below, via Fortafy:


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  • Victoria Williams

    Its too bad there arent required training programs for parents!! Im so happy that this sweet little girl was rescued before her horrible parents actually killed her!

  • garden variety

    This is a beautiful letter. How wonderful for those involved who most often never know what became of the children that cross their paths.

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