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This is What We Think Happened With ObamaTrade Today and Why We Think it Will be WORSE Now

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at 2016.01.10
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There’s a ton of confusion as stated in our previous story about what occurred with ObamaTrade now. This place will clarify where we are and where were probably headed.

For starters, ObamaTrade isn’t dead. It wasnt killed in the House today. Not at all. Actually, the TPA was passed. The TPA was formerly believed to have been the most difficult portion of the bundle.

In order for the whole ObamaTrade package to work, the House had to pass both the TPA as well as the TAA. The TAA is laws that spends big money compensating workers for lost occupations (Unemployment) and other social welfare plans (among other things). In a nutshell, the TAA is the TPA is what Republicans get/need as well as what Democrats get/need.

Seemingly the TAA didnt spend enough on social programs and all the other goodies Democrats generally demand. So, consequently, TAA, which then should have killed TPA was killed by Democrats. Actually, several members of Congress had already said if TAA didnt pass first, there would not be any vote on TPA.

But Boehner is Boehner. And when there’s one thing Boehner is not bad at, its helping Democrats spend more of our cash. Boehner wasnt going to let Democrats hold TPA hostage above their urge to see more money spent. So promptly after TAA failed, Boehner called for a vote on TPA. Boehner understood he had the votes for TPA and he understood that as long as TPA was passed, the deal could fatten on TAA and bring it back to Democrats for another vote.

Which is precisely what he did. So TAA will probably come back with a heck for a vote on Tuesday. The deal is done if Boehner can get Democrats to support TAA and ObamaTrade lives on.

To put it differently, its quite possible the House passes ObamaTrade with more spending than formerly planned.

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