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State Cuts Off Water to California Town, City Managers Fear Water will Run Out within Days

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at 2016.01.28
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The affluent master planned community of Mountain House, California is scrambling to come up with plan B after Californias State Water Resources Control Board shut off the towns access to water. Residents of the upscale community were shocked to receive the news that the state would be cutting them off and fear that their town will dry up within days.

Mountain House general manager Ed Pattison told CBS that Were out there looking for water supplies as we speak… We have storage tanks, but those are basically just to ensure the correct pressurization of the distribution system. No more than 2 days are in those storage tanks.


The communitys sole source of water, the Byron-Bethany Irrigation District, was one of 114 senior water rights holders cut off by a curtailment notice from the state on Friday.

That means Mountain House leaders must find someone to sell them water, hopefully, the GM says, to have enough until the end of the year.

Reportedly, various water districts throughout the state plan to sue the State Water Resources Control Board arguing that the department has no legal authority to cut off some of the oldest and most protected water rights.


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