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Sheriff Vows Illegal Alien CRACKDOWN, Asks Public to Report Businesses Hiring Them

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at 2016.05.12
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Butler County, Ohio, Sheriff Richard Jones isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to illegal immigrants, reminding businesses who knowingly hire them that they too have broken the law.

He is calling on violators to be reported…;and it is already having an impact.

In a series of tweets sent out on Tuesday, Jones issued a blunt warning not only to those in the country illegally, but to businesses who hire them knowing they’re illegal, WDTN-TV reported.

Many in Butler County are calling Sheriff Jones a “patriot” (or as John McCain would call him, a “crazy”).

The sheriff repeated his warning to businesses who knowingly hire illegal immigrants in an interview with WDTV-TV.

“If you’re an employer and you’re doing this, here’s what I’m telling you: Shame on you,” Jones said. “If you violate the law and you cheat on taxes and you are knowingly doing this with people that are here illegally, and you knowingly do it and you encourage it, you have violated the law.”

WDTV reported that tips about businesses have already been coming in.


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