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RED ALERT: Reports Say ISIS Now Preparing to Use Kamikaze Style Attacks With Aircraft

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at 2015.12.30
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This month ISIS seems to be substantially stepping up its game. From Paris to Lebanon to Syria and Egypt, ISIS is unleashing an onslaught of deadly mayhem all over the world. This all while enormous new tensions are brewing between Russia and the west over Turkeys (NATO Participant) choice to shoot down a Russian warplane.

ISIS is going to elevate their strikes to an entirely different amount according to a fresh report. The report says ISIS is intending to make use of aircraft for suicide missions in Iraq. Basically creating Kamikaze fashion weapons using warplanes as the point of the spear.

Free Beacon has more.

Islamic State terrorists are seeking specialists to fix gained military aircraft for future use in suicide attacks against U.S. and allied forces in Iraq.

The terrorist group that occupies large regions of Syria and Iraq has two Russian-made Sukhoi aircraft and three choppers that were Russian that it intends to utilize in the strikes, based on a recent report in a London-based Arabic language news outlet.

The Oct. 22 report in Al Arabi Al Jadid quoted a high ranking officer in Baghdad delegated to the command of the international military coalition in Iraq as saying the aircraft were obtained during Islamic State military operations in Syria and Iraq.

The international coalitions forces are attempting to find the location of two Sukhoi airplanes and three Russian-made choppers from the 1980s that was seized by Daish [an option name for the Islamic State] to ruin them before the latter can use them to execute its strategies, the policeman said.

Well have more on this as the narrative grows.

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