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Michelle Obama Declares War on One of Americas Favorite Summer Snacks

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at 2016.02.23
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Michelle Obama is on a mission to destroy anything tasty that your family enjoys.

Her disastrous impact on Americas school lunches has been well documented.

Now the First Lady Spouse is targeting one of our favorite Summer treats smores.

On Sunday, Michelles endorsed Twitter account @myplate tweeted out a cringe worthy alternative to the traditional campfire treat.

An easy treat kids will love- Strawberry Smores! the account tweeted proudly.

The recipe calls for graham crackers, strawberries and low fat yogurt.

Yeah, thats just perfect for a campfire. Gulp.

According to the MyPlate website, the initiative was founded on June 2, 2011 by Michelle Obama and the USDA she now controls, calling it the federal governments new food icon in an effort to help consumers make healthier food choices.

Of course, Twitter users shot back in horror at the idea of messing with the traditional recipe.

Remember this is the hypocrite who has been seen eating whatever the hell she wants, while preaching to the rest of us. Here she with Barry eating Philly cheese steaks with jumbo fries and sodas:


Remember also how her own daughters get to eat pepperoni pizza, ribs, steak fries, and meatball heroes at their $42,000/yr private school Sidwell Friends. All while pushing kale on your middle schoolers.

Even the liberal TODAY Show ridiculed Moochelle for her latest food fascism. Has the tide finally turned?

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