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Man Fights Township Over Controversial Front Yard Zombie Nativity Scene

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at 2016.01.22
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The Zombie Nativity Scene creator John Jasen Dixon believes that the controversial theme is to blame for the zoning code violation while Sycamore Township Administrator Greg Bickford insists that it is not the theme but the instead the height of the structure which stands at 15ft, exceeding the maximum allowance of 5 ft.

Haunted House publicity gold.

Via CNN:

_87098578_266aba3b-3b10-4645-a115-1079542dabf1News outlets far and wide wrote about John Jasen Dixons creepy creche, featuring undead versions of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and the zoning ordinance threatening its existence.

Dixon said he first planted the scene on his front lawn last year with leftover props from 13 Rooms of Doom, a Halloween attraction he runs in nearby Rising Sun, Indiana. In a statement on Facebook, he says that the manger is a wonderful piece of artwork and that he and his family are not atheists.
This was the second year in a row the township told him to remove the scene or face fines, he said. Last year, he had to take the manger down because he had failed to apply for a permit, Dixon told CNN affiliate WKRC. This year, he applied for a permit, with the same result.

I think its the theme. It just rubs people the wrong way, and it puts the spotlight on me. Thats why theyre coming down so hard on me, Dixon told WKRC.

2440D89100000578-2886412-image-a-2_1419445228332Administrator Greg Bickford insists that the issue has nothing to do with portraying the birth of Jesus as a gathering of the undead. Specifically, at 15 feet high, the barn housing the holy family exceeds the designated height limit of 5 feet, he told CNN.

Like many neighborhood spats, its all about appearances. The community long ago set parameters and codified them to keep sheds or barns from popping up on front yards. Had Dixon built a smaller shed for baby zombie Jesus or put the manger in his backyard, this would not be an issue, Bickford said.

Alls well that ends well?

But the zoning laws no longer appear to be an issue. Dixon has removed the mangers roof and put up a backdrop in its place, Bickford said.

He just took the roof off the structure, and now hes compliant, said Bickford, who added that the fines have stopped. Its a non-story.

Personally I find the display to be horrid, but perhaps deep down inside Dixon is not such a bad guy, as he is giving away #zombielivesmatter stickers with every $2.00 donation to St Jude Childrens Research Hospital.

I think I would rather donate directly to St Jude myself.

What say you?

Address: 8555 Vorhees Lane Cincinnati, Ohio

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