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If You Talk About It, its RACIST: Trump Stands By His Slam on Illegal Alien Criminals

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at 2016.01.11
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Not only does GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump stand by his comments about the violent criminal conduct of illegal Mexican immigrants, he doesnt understand why anyone would disagree.

In an interview with Fox & Buddies Weekend on Saturday, Trump mentioned the instance of the illegal immigrant whod been charged in the shooting death of a young San Francisco girl.

The guy had hed and seven felony conversions !

The instance is emblematic of violent criminal conduct by illegals, Trump said.

No one wishes to discuss it. It may seem like Im sort of a whipping post, since I bring it up, the property tycoon told Fox News.

The offense is its raging, raging and its brutal. And folks do nt need to discuss it. And in case you talk about it, youre a racist. I dont comprehend it.


Co host Tucker Carlson noted that Trump was dropping, and that New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is reviewing the citys contracts with him.

Youve got to be losing money due to what you said, Tucker

I understood it was really going to be awful, Trump said. I didnt understand it was really going to be rather this serious.

He added he was actually surprised at NASCAR.

A public controversy was raised by Trump at his June 16 presidential bid statement.

Theyre not sending the greatest when Mexico sends its individuals, he said. Theyre not sending you, theyre sending folks that have a lot of issues and theyre bringing those issues. Theyre bringing drugs, theyre bringing offense. Theyre rapists and some, I suppose, are people that are good, but I talk to border guards and theyre telling us what were getting.

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