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BREAKING: Cops Publicly Execute Unarmed Man With His Hands Up In The Air (VIDEO)

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at 2015.12.31
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A man was running away from the cops with his hands up in the air, in Pasco, WA recently when police decided to publicly execute him.

He was throwing rocks in the street, which meant he was a danger that needed to be taken out, according to the police.

What exactly transpired before this incident, is no longer even relevant. The video clearly shows that the mans hands are up. This is what happens when you decide to run from the police.

Dont people learn? Youre not supposed to disobey police officers. Maybe, the shootings will stop when citizens bow down to their complete and unquestionable authority. Its not like he was a productive member of society, right? He was throwing rocks, and disturbing the peace.

One of the witnesses on the scene, said of the horrifying episode:

I really thought they were just going to walk up and tackle or tase him. But, they opened fire. His back was turned.

Before the man even begins to cross the street, you see one of the officers open fire. This is apparently due to the fact that he was at first running towards them, but then after the first gunshot, he started running away.

It would be impossible to mistake him for having a weapon, since his hands are up the whole time.

It doesnt take long for this distance runner to figure out that hes not going to get very far, so in an attempt to turn himself in, he slowly turns around. In typical fashion, the cops shoot first, think later.

As if this wasnt enough, they handcuff him, after he is already dead.

And, there you have it. Another unarmed person, executed in public, for all to see. God, the NRA, Republicans, hate-mongers everywhere, all probably have a big smile on their faces.

When will the madness stop?

Watch for yourself:

Here is another video showing what happened after the shooting, yet from a different angle:

H/T: Free Thought Project | Featured Image: Youtube screen capture

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  • Ivan DeGrimm

    At first I was skeptical, but wow……he totally had his arms up in the air and was no threat at all. I have eyes.

    • 1LelaG

      At first you were skeptical? and if he didnt have his arms up, let shoot them all?

      • Ivan DeGrimm

        You are not a smart person. Im not sure if you have the mental capacity to understand what I just told you. But at least I tried.

  • AceFrahm

    WOW, the video alone is sufficient to prove police murder, wow murder, it was murder. They were not under a credible threat of injury, they merely disliked the humiliation so much they decided to murder in revenge, holy shit murder, cop murder

    • moonkat51

      Its not like this was the first time weve seen stories like this, though. Its getting so even looking at a cop and they take it the wrong way and you are dead.

    • Andy Herrick

      Police are out of control and since nothing ever happens to any of them, it will continue to get worse. Militarized police are the worst and the most insane.

    • craig klucas

      You have to run away, if you stand and surrender you get shot.

  • Jay Goldberg

    He grabbed something from his waist area and drew it up towards the officers, he then drops it (0:18-0:20) as soon as hes shot. Very hard to see, but thats what happened. That doesnt mean he was holding a gun, but that also doesnt mean he was unarmed. However, they could have easily resorted to non-lethal measures if they were unsure. If they honestly felt their life was in danger they wouldnt have been following him so closely like something out of a Benny Hill scene. Im sure well know more later.

    • Susan Sanchez

      I didnt read your comment before posting mine above. I totally agree. This video is really old. I remember seeing it years ago. I think I remember reading that he pulled out a gun.

      • April Tara

        Please check your facts. This video is NOT really old. The incident just happened.

      • Matt_S

        This IS NOT really old. This happened 24 hours ago.

      • Teresa Hainline-Hall

        This video was less than 48 hours ago. Tuesday evening just after 5 pm on a busy intersection in Pasco, WA!!!! Not old. Where did you get your information from? There are actually 4 videos taken and being shared.

  • Jamie Quinones

    Any way you slice it that was a public execution.

  • slug_munchies

    Sorry. Im liberal, but like so many others similar videos, they shot, and this f*cker kept running, not trying to stop until he was cornered. The videos do not show what happened before…

    But let me be clear: They made the stop, he resisted, they shot non-fatal (obviously, since he ran like a horny rabbit with many bangs on the recording)… they chased and shot more.

    Why.The.Fork do you claim the cops are wrong? Ive never voted GOP since 1996, but sh1t, non GOP does not mean Im stupid? Why is this site so anti-intelligent so much of the time? Why is anything that is not hardcore-conservative suddenly ultra-loved?

    This F*, just like Brown, and others, failed in Citizen 101: Stop when the police command (even before you know they are armed).

    Ive never been shot neither have any of my friends (in college, etc), no matter what the situation… because not a single one of us thought it would be smart to disobey the cop.

    Fail… if Yew Only Knew Yooze.

    • Momica

      According to the local news station in Pasco, WA, where this incident occurred, this Fer was a mentally ill local homeless man. He was the 4th man shot by police in this town in the last six months. It must be a town just chock full of Fers who dont know any better than to just do whatever the cops tell you.

    • Aaron Lynch

      Because… THE LAW states that in order for a cop (or anyone else) to shoot someone they have to be in imminent danger. A guy could unload a machine gun at them, drop it and run away and it would be ILLEGAL for the police to shoot such a person. This guy is running away with his arms out jazz hands style and unless he was actually reaching for a (perceived) gun the police shooting him is AGAINST THE LAW.

    • joe foley

      thank you detective for your wonderful insights I will certainly do what I am told when dealing with some fat arsed self righteous bully boy of a moron who has a gun and a license to kill.

    • TonyD

      Disobeying a cop is not a capital offense. The cops had other choices to make, but chose to shoot him instead. Thats a pathetic disregard for human life.

      • slug_munchies

        As opposed to a pathetic disregard for the law? How many people have been murdered by criminals who got away because they resisted arrest, then committed other crimes?

  • Susan Sanchez

    This video is OLD (I remember watching it years ago) and the guy had a gun in his hand (btw Im a democratic liberal before anyone thinks to jump down my throat). If you watch it close, you can see him turn around, point the gun, fumble it and then drop it while fumbling it. There is enough cop brutality for us to get outraged about without finding old (justified) cop shootings, especially since once proven the police were justified, it makes our cause look bad and flimsy.

    • April Tara

      How is it old when this just happened this week?

    • Momica

      It is from 2/10/15 at 5:10 pm according to the local newspaper in Pasco where the incident occured.

    • Matt_S

      You liar. It happened 24 hours ago.

    • Teresa Hainline-Hall

      This video was less than 48 hours ago. Tuesday evening just after 5 pm on a busy intersection in Pasco, WA!!!! Not old. Where did you get your information from?

  • Lorry Abel

    you know, it is a good thing that there were three cops there. after all, it would have taken one cop too long to shoot him this many times on his own. it is going to be hard to justify three cops shooting him down with his hands up as a rogue episode. it is obviously standard practice, or the three would not have done exactly the same thing without any time to confer about their course of action. so much for if it only was on tape! ha. now what are the right wing freaks going to say hinders prosecution? and I hope the cops lie on their report, too. that way maybe people will stop thinking that what a cop says is the unimpeachable truth. maybe then, we can sit down and have a rational discussion about police oversight and retraining programs, without people trying to justify the deaths of so many types of minorities.

  • ken

    i am speechless. murder. nothing but murder.

  • Kelly Basden

    I am drawn to think that in this setting, which is disturbing, that the polices disregard for bystanders is amazingly apparent. As if the bullets will find their marks regardless of the skill of the gun handlers.

    Wow, disturbing.

  • MBlvr

    Cold blooded murder.

  • DonJ

    What did he pull out of his pocket at 0:17? It was something and that something fell to the ground when he got shot. Unwarranted police shootings do need to stop. But we need to be sure that we are not spinning and misinforming when it is legitimately necessary for them to use lethal force.

  • DonJ

    It would be impossible to mistake him for having a weapon, since his hands are up the whole time.

    Not at 0:17.

    @ANTIPHON FREEMAN, you may need to retract this posting, sir.

  • OUR12


  • Grant Feltis

    To those already shouting he had a gun. Whatever it was he had the first video doesnt seem to concern the police much after the shooting. In the second video the witness has a good view of the scene afterward showing the police waiting for roughly a minute after they opened fire then handcuffing and photographing the rock throwers body. One officer arrives after the shooting near the body, but doesnt get on the cement where the item dropped and not one of them seems to make any move towards a weapon that would be sitting on the sidewalk when going to secure the body. Crowd control? Yes. Making any indication there is a possibly loaded and ready to fire gun on the scene? No.

    • DonJ

      doesnt seem to concern the police much after the shooting

      Ive carefully watched both videos and there is not enough information to support such a statement. There is a considerable gap between the first video with the shooting and the second video when the camera is able to see the entire scene. If, like you say, a weapon would be the highest concern, then there was ample time to secure it between the videos.

      Im not an apologist for the police. But credibility is more important than ANY follow-on concerns, because when an outcry of police violence (or pick your cause) is based on inaccurate information, it harms the message.

      There is plenty of actual proof of over-reaction by police leading to unwarranted deaths we dont need to spin or make up examples.

      • joe foley

        My name is DonJ.. I am the voice of reason. nothing to get worried about here in the wrong hands rocks can be deadly weapons. Police officers were protecting the public.

        The rock has been taken into custody. it will be charged ,given a fair trial and executed

      • Grant Feltis

        I completely disagree that the second video lacks information. The positioning of the police remains largely unchanged during a brief gap where the witness losses sight of the scene. However, in the seconds when the police are in view again it is clear no one had moved towards the object and when the officers did advance forward, towards the body, they did not pause to secure whatever it was that had sparked such concern they felt a need to fire multiple shots into the suspect. No matter what comes of this is either a policy issue where officers are being told the use deadly force is acceptable when dealing any threat, not just a deadly threat, or a personnel issue where departments are hiring those that would use deadly force without a clear threat against them.

    • Teresa Hainline-Hall

      It was a small rock. He didnt have a gun or knife. It was a rock that he was throwing, then he would pick it up and throw it again. Also, they are saying he was Deaf, and mentally ill.

      • DonJ

        Thanks for the information, Teresa. Do you have a source for that? Not being a jerk, I just like to have links for things. I hope you understand. Thanks.

  • Chisna

    MANDATORY body cameras for EVERY officer NOW !!!
    No excuses… If they fire their weapon and their camera isnt on.
    They should be fired on the spot. Enough is enough…. I dont care
    if he was committing a petty crime. Police do not have the right to be
    judge jury and executioner of a unarmed man that has his arms up.
    I dont care if he was running. Hell, in this day and age Id probably
    run away from the police as well. They lose the publics trust when
    these kinds of crimes ( and yes, they are crimes ) go unpunished.
    We arent immune from the laws. And neither should they be…..

  • Stakex .

    Wait a minute….. his hands certainly were not up when he was shot the second time. He stopped, faced the police with his hands extended out in front of him in their direction, and he clearly drops something when he was shot. Now Im not saying the shooting was justified, as I dont know what the man dropped. However, its an our right lie to say he was shot with his hands up…. and until we know what he dropped at the end, we dont know if he was armed or not.

    Also, the idea that his actions at the end were an attempt to turn himself in is a joke. Again, Im not saying this shooting was justified (or that it wasnt), but making facts up to support your narrative is sickening….. its like Im reading something from Fox News.

    • Teresa Hainline-Hall

      It was a small rock that he had in his hand.

  • Michael Powers

    What are people who would call themselves free supposed to think when they realize that there is a significant chance that they wont survive any police contact? All a cop has to do, is say you made a furtive movement, and youre dead.

    You think youre free? Youre not. You think that obeying the law will save you? It wont. Youre like bread on the windowsill theirs, whenever they want you.

  • Michael Powers

    Their safety is all that counts. Anyone not wearing a badge is inherently expendable.

    • dollarbill

      police are A1 citizens an regular people are A2. they can kill us all they want, Thats all i see from the police.

  • Larry Lowell

    I saw a Murder! Let me guess. Internal affairs will take a look at the evidence. As usual they will say every cop there was afraid for his life. They all will get a 6 week vacation. And conspire with their union rep, to blame the people they murdered. Aint I smart. The federal government, should. take over all police departments in the country. Retrain those capable of retraining. Arrest those not capable of retraining. De-Militarize all departments. Make them wear pink uniforms, sheriff Joe says it will calm them down.

  • dollarbill

    sorry nothing to see here folks move along

  • dollarbill

    of course when your buddy is the one doing the incident report. hes clear

  • John Cross

    The guy is throwing rocks at cops. OK, hes a bad boy., Then he runs away with his hands in the airno rocks. Then they fire. He turns around to surrender. The fuckers kill him! Huh??? You are gonna kill a guy when he surrenders? WTF?

  • Piccolo113

    What part of throwing a chunk of concrete at a cop car was at someones head in attempt to injure or kill them?

    Apparently your eyes dont work too well, despite your declaration that you have them.

  • JayJenkins

    This guy was throwing rocks. Everyone knows this even the protesters who were chanting it was just a rock. This guy was not innocent and not unarmed.

    If you want to be upset, be upset that the police choose confrontation over trying to contain him.

  • John Stark

    13 gunshots to bring down a man throwing rocks..Fire the Officers..they were not responding to a huge threat…When a person is shot in the back running away they should have had a K 9 unit in pursuit first!! and used Dummy bean bag rounds to knock them down .

  • joe foley

    thank you officer Im glad we cleared that up

  • Les Hall

    Cops are out of control, when will it stop?

  • Wanny

    His hands were not up all the time. His back was not turned he was facing them and his hands werent up when they shot him down. What happened at the start of all this mess. All those cop cars arent around because someone was throwing rocks!

  • 1LelaG

    Are Americans becoming the most barbaric and uncivilized country
    following the Developing Nations? What is the Government doing? Are
    they asleep at their desks or are they complicit to all these killings
    by cops? SHAME on USA…

  • TonyD

    This is an outrage. It has to stop. Cops are out of control all over. These cops should be arrested and charged with first degree murder. I knew a man who was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life because a cop shot him in the back while he was running away. What? Cops are too slow to catch criminals so they just shoot them?

  • TonyD

    What is so wrong with withdrawing from the scene. Run away and arrest him later. Its better than killing him.

  • Dan McCullough

    We suck.

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