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A Man With No Legs Climbed The Most Dangerous Mountain In All Of China.

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at 2017.01.16
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In the event you had been feeling before looking over this idle, prepare to feel worse. Chen Zhou, 26, scaled all five of China”s famous mountains. If this effort wasn”t remarkable enough, he did it all without legs.

That”s correct. 2,080 was taken on by Zhou meter journeys with slopes that reach up to 96 levels without the aid of legs. If this doesn”t get you question whether you”re challenging your self enough, nothing will. Recently, Jianmen Move, regarded by many to be the most dangerous mountain in China was taken on by Zhou. Have a look at his amazing trip!

Chen Zhou scaling Jianmen Move.

Chen Zhou climbing Jianmen Pass.

Consider the drive.

Look at the determination.

Take a look at the movie below for more of Zhou”s trek.

(via Dropped at E Small)

What an inspiration! With that no anxiety perspective, there doesn”t appear to be something that Zhou can”t do.


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