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A Cop Did a Nice Thing When This CNN Commentator Forgot Her Wallet. She Called Him Racist For It

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at 2016.01.13
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Sally Kohn is a far left pundit on MSNBC and CNN. She took to Twitter yesterday to give compliments to a Nyc policeman for saving her when she forgot her wallet and couldnt pay for the metro.

Nevertheless, Kohn subsequently felt the requirement to impute political and racial reasons for the type gesture:

It was the hashtags on her place that aroused the ire of the Twitterverse. Kohn supposed shed received the favor due to her race and class.

They rightfully let her have it:


Because liberals constantly presume the worst of us.

Kohn (weakly) attempted to defend her clear bias:


As IJReviews Victoria Taft found:

Kohn gave a TED Talk in which she described about imputing great reasons to individuals: (W)hat Ive understood is political persuasion doesnt start with thoughts or facts or data, she said. Political persuasion starts with being right.

Liberalism really is a mental disorder.

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