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9 Things That Happened This Week That Were More Important Than Starbucks Cups

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at 2016.04.26
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Often as bloggers we cover popular current events and controversies of the week. Sometimes those events are a bit more trivial than others and the volume of their voice stifles some of the really important things that are happening. Its not unusual for us to read comments that say, Shut up about this already!

So, if you feel like all you read this week was about the dreaded red cup, take a look at these stories. Because they really are way more important.

We heard you.

1. Elizabeth Warren absolutely obliterated republicans after attack ad ran during the GOP debate accusing her of being a commie dictator.

Elizabeth Warren Flickr Tim Pierce

2. A judge in Utah took a baby away from her foster parents because they are gay. Yes, he actually said that was the reason.

Image via video screen capture

3. Donald Trump said slave wages for Americans is how we stay competitive with the rest of the world. Wages are too high. (Or, in other words, its how he keeps one of the largest pieces of the pie.)


4. Chris Christie made more difficult to vote in New Jersey by vetoing the Democracy Act.

christie social security

5. Officer Tommy Norman is still community policing in North Little Rock.


6. This woman sabotaged the efforts of Donald Trumps staffers to exploit her melanin content.


7. Tom Cotton said disabled Americans cause a glut in crime associated with heroin and meth.


8. The Senate actually approved medical marijuana for veterans.

Medical marijuana isn't working everywhere.

9. Virginia historically eliminated their veteran homelessness.

canada ends poverty

Featured image via Facebook screen captures


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